Sellers Services

When you sell your home, your goal is simple. You want to get the most amount of profit from the sale of your home. Sometimes in order to increase your sale price you may have to first spend some money on home improvements. Our agents will go through your home and identify things that are “red flags” to home buyers. Often times, a small one time investment in basic repairs or even a fresh coat of paint can mean thousands in increased resale value.

Our agents go beyond the call to find comparable properties that represent the true resale value of your home. Every local real estate market is different and every home within these markets has unique characteristics. Let us show you how to accentuate the positive aspects of your home so that you get get top dollar for your sale.

  • Things to Consider When Selling
  • Pricing to Sell
  • Open Houses
  • Keeping On Top of Condition
  • Showing Your Home
  • Moving Checklist